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There are plenty of websites available with plans and ideas of where in your house to recess one should you wish to do so. Consider one or two for your home. It is a not-so-costly investment that will keep your stuff safe and pay for itself the first time it’s needed. Keep your things safe, and be safe in all you do.

Key Takeaways:

  • Let’s start by saying it would behoove you to have 2 types of safe: one for larger items, and another one for portable, smaller items, especially in the way of documents.
  • These small safes can hold your documents and certifications, usually protecting them from fire up to about 1,500 degrees F, as well as being water-tight to protect them from flooding and water damage. Now, the whole point of having this type of safe is to make your documents portable.
  • The other type – a larger, heavier kind may have to wait for you to return after a fire or flood. Sentry makes these guys, too, and I prefer the tumbler kind to the electric.

“Keep a copy of the combination in a place where it won’t be lost if the house goes down and in a manner that will not allow it to be affected by the elements.”

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