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With so many different self-defense items, it may be difficult to choose which on is right for you. This article breaks down each item into important categories, such as accessibility, wearability, fashion, and effectiveness in order to make your decision a little easier. Using this easy to read chart may help you choose the defense item that is right for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Accessibility – how quickly anyone is able to reach, grab and use whatever defense weapon they have upon them.
  • Wearability – how convenient it is to hold the specific position of the defense weapon on you (your clothing, purse, bag, keychain, etc.).
  • Fashionable – how incognito is this defense weapon of chose. Can it camouflage itself in a way that doesn’t seem threatening to the average person, or daunting to your outfit of chose.

“Since the ZAP Blast Knuckles is one of the bulkier of the 5, it’s not easy to carryaround.”

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