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What Type of Self Defense Should You Learn?

The world can sometimes be a dangerous place; most people wish that wasn’t the case but it is. Learning self-defense can be a practical way to protect yourself form any dangerous situation that may arise. The only problem is it can sometimes be daunting to learn, but there are some tips to make it manageable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Effective self defense requires split second actions under stress. Under the influence of adrenalin you’ll experience tunnel vision, nausea, numbness and gross motor deficits.
  • No self defense technique should require you to kick somebody in the head . . . unless the guy is already on his knees. You won’t have a chance to warm up when you’re attacked.
  • Combat sports are great . . . but they’re not total self defense. On the street, someone might attack with a gun, knife or club, or you might be prepared with self defense products such as pepper spray or a C2 Taser gun.

“Under the influence of adrenaline you’ll experience tunnel vision, nausea, numbness and gross motor deficits.”


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