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Whenever young children will be using a space, adults need to think safety first. Adults need to do an analysis of the spaces for young children to plan preventive actions for their safety. This author is suggesting the use of safety strips to anchor home equipment such as televisions, cabinets, tables. These safety straps are inexpensive and readily available. Anchor anything the child may grab on to and pull up on, or climb onto for balance.

Key Takeaways:

  • A video showing a toddler saving his twin brother’s life, rescuing him from a dresser that fell on him, has gone viral.
  • A woman watching the video talks about a similar experience. Unfortunately however, this woman’s child had died.
  • The woman whose child was killed accidentally, stresses the importance of using safety straps with large objects such as TVs and furniture. She says that such items are not expensive, and can save a life.

“Nobody should lose a child over a safety strap.”

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