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Your urban survival plan should consist of the following key elements Preparation, Training, Security, Protection, and Safe Haven. Protection is one of the key elements of surviving an adverse urban survival event, whether it is a large-scale disaster or an isolated, personal event. In the latter situation, you will need to immediately increase your situational awareness skills, be prepared to use your first aid training and anticipate and be prepared to use your personal protection skills to survive.

Key Takeaways:

  • In reality, these shows represent an aspect of survival that most of you will never encounter.
  • Thus, as much as you may learn from watching these programs, the skills seen on the show will be of very little value in your most common environment, an urban setting.
  • Wilderness survival skills such a primitive fire starting, hunting, building a shelter, and water purification techniques are all valuable skills to know but are virtually useless in the urban survival environment.

“Urban survival techniques and objectives are completely different from the survival skills you would use in the wilderness.”

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