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Starting college for new students is an exciting time for the child, but can also be nerve-racking for the parents. This would be the first time a child would not be under the full supervision of a parent or guardian and sometimes that can lead to dangerous areas, but this is the time for your child to step out and grow. Which is why there are safety tips for every new student to learn and implement at their new campus.

Key Takeaways:

  • Call or visit the Campus Safety office and request information about their programs. Find out if your campus has the following services and how you can take advantage of them.
  • Download a personal safety app, such as SafeTrek, which was developed for college students. When you walk alone, launch the app and hold your thumb down on the safe button.
  • Review the settings on each of your social media profiles. Disable location services, make your accounts private, and think twice before sharing anything.

“Just as you wouldn’t leave your house without locking the front door, don’t leave your dorm or apartment without locking up — even if you’re planning on only being gone a few minutes.”

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