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Self-defense weapons are your first line of defense against an attack. They’re a crucial component of any personal security plan and the good news is, there are plenty of very practical non lethal weapons available for a price you can afford. From pepper spray to taser guns, The Home Security Superstore has everything you need when it comes to protecting yourself. The most common self-defense weapons include pepper sprays, knives, batons, and tasers. Small, portable, and legal in most states, these home defense weapons can be kept in a nightstand or carried in a purse in case of an emergency.

Key Takeaways:

  • Teaching about primitive weapons and which is the most effective in combat doesn’t do us any good unless we first learn the basics of combat.
  • Technically both are experts at combat — having trained for many years; the Spartan since childhood, as history records.
  • Your primitive weapon can be made 100 times more effective by your ability to move on your feet.

“In fact, steer clear of all primitive weapons for self-defense. Native American bows have a range of about 90 feet. Native Americans simply overwhelmed the enemy.”

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