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If a technique fails to acknowledge the potential response an attacker will make when a particular technique is employed, I know that the technique has certain failings or certain skills need to be trained in order to get it to work. It doesn’t mean the technique is a bad one, just that those who will be able to make it work, possess necessary skills, which I would need to work on and develop.

Key Takeaways:

  • The “it would never work on the street” argument, is one that every martial arts/self-defense instructor will have been subjected to at some point.
  • A fight is a dynamic thing, and sometimes an aggressor’s fast movement, and close proximity make things that worked well in the studio, fall apart extremely rapidly, in real life.
  • The reason I look to do this, is because I know my attacker will begin to retract/retain their weapon, as soon as I try to control it.

“Everything was going great, and we were all broadly agreeing with each other’s input, when I demonstrated a certain knife control.”

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