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Every survivalist knows that they need an essential tool which will make all other tools. This would be the tomahawk. However, a traditional tomahawk is limited and can only do so much. However, all this changes with the creation of the 64 ounce Timahawk. Tim Ralston has packed into this beauty a number of handy features. The most obvious of these is the full bearded broadhead axe. It also comes with a cutting surface of six inches, an adz opposite the blade, two hand placement points with finger grooves, and a crowbar on the end of the handle.

Key Takeaways:

  • A handful of edge is a beautiful thing. The convergence of steel is one of the most useful things in a survivalist’s kit. It is the tool that builds all other tools. It is the tool that makes shelter, prepares food, and provides defense.
  • Enter the Timahawk. By combining several tools into one heavily evolved design, Tim Ralston has made a bit of survival history with his pair of self-named Timahawks.
  • At 64 ounces, the Timahawk is a formidable piece of hardware on its own. Four pounds of striking steel with every end a business end makes for a highly adaptable tool.

“With three sharp ends, the Timahawk ships in a completely encasing padded nylon case. A full-length zipper opens and closes the works, while three different sized pockets cover one entire face of the case. The opposite side contains an 11-inch MOLLE ladder with four included snap attachment strips of webbing.”

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