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Fire starters are useful in survival scenarios providing you have the right amount of time and conditions needed to use them, The best firestarters commercially available have been ranked in order of ease of use and fuels available. The options range from compact devices such as the aurora fire starter to storm proof matches. There are also options for fuel ranging from portable tinder to fire paste. All options come with pros and cons and are ranked accordingly

Key Takeaways:

  • The BlastMatch seemed to be my favorite of the UST models. It was sort of an industrial version of the Sparkie fire starter.
  • I liked the size in Fire Starter Reviewmy hand and I had more leverage with the BlastMatch than I did with the Sparkie.
  • Again, I liked the fact that you could use the BlastMatch with one hand and it comes with a spring loaded cover to protect your flint & steel.

“The BlastMatch seemed to be my favorite of the UST models.”

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