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Clean water is believed to be crucial in the future, and being able to get clean water while being mobile is a tall order. The Epic Ultimate Travel Bottle claims to be able to do that. For $59, it is a very cost effective solution for water purification on the go. It claims to remove 99% of chemicals and toxic minerals from water. After a week of testing there is a notable difference in the taste of water filtered through the bottle and normal tap water. This bodes well for the effectiveness of the bottle.

Key Takeaways:

  • While everybody else is storing gold and silver, I am finding the best ways to invest in what I believe is going to be the currency of the future: clean water.
  • I highly recommend assessing your own situation and finding ways to store and purify as much water as you can. For home situations, purifying water isn’t too difficult.
  • Sometimes though, we are forced to move from our base of operations. In this case, you need a way of purifying dirty water while on the move. The Epic Ultimate Travel Bottle claims to provide a solution to this issue so we checked it out.

“I found the Epic Ultimate Travel Bottle for $59; right in the range of how much I want to spend.”

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