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It’s a fact of life as old as the art of hunting and gathering. Hurling rocks, hurling spears, discus, logs, people, tables, boulders, seeds. There’s no judgment here as to what you hurl. But I will say, some methods for hurling things are better than others. Our arms can only get so strong; our bodies are limited machines when it comes to launching large objects over great distances. This is not what human beings were made for. So we made machines that were made to hurl things.

Key Takeaways:

  • Catapult technology, basic as it may seem compared to our computers and modern firearms, is still totally relevant today.
  • The ancient Greeks developed the catapult, and it was present throughout almost every conflict in history from that point forward, and is still used in the modern age.
  • But catapults are good for more than just destruction and the siege of cities. Even in a survival situation catapults can find a useful application.

“Catapults are more than simple siege engines – they are tools, and just like any tool they can be used for a wide variety of purposes.”

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