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Home protection and personal safety is priority to many people and self defense products can help in any dangerous situation. Stunguns and taser prove useful in a personal confrontation. Pepper spray can also be used on the go or at home. In addition to personal defense, Wireless home security uses motion sensors to sound an alarm in the household and automatically dial 5 preset telephone numbers. Using these self defense methods can save anyone in any any situation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Home invasion protection devices are used to defend people and their valuables against an intruder.
  • Self defense products such as stun guns and tasers are useful against an attacker when the victim is in a parking lot.
  • Individuals who find themselves in a confrontation with an attacker can use these products to temporarily incapacitate the person.

“Home protection allows the individual to feel secure even within the confines of the residence.”

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