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It is all fun and games till someone gets hurt. We have heard that countless times and yet it still rings true today. Graduation parties or any celebration for that matter are exciting, and yet there always seems to be accidents of people getting hurt, or loosing there life. Learn how you can protect yourself for this situration, take moment it could save your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be cautious of the other people around you because you never know where you are and you should know. You need to protect yourself before anyway else does.
  • Watch your drink and make sure no one puts anything in it. Someone could put a rooie in yor drink and if your not paying attention to it you could be taken advantage of,
  • Carry a weapon to protect yourse.f like pepper pray or a taser. You are your number 1 enemy sometimes and to watch yourslf. Take advntage of always traveling with a buddy.

“Never let your drink out of your sight, even if you are among assumed friends, just play it safe and fill your own drink and keep it in sight.”

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