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In some cases the perpetrators are simply trying front and back doors in the hope they are open, and grabbing any keys left nearby. They can gain entry without you even noticing and flee the area quickly and easily, in some cases with your stolen vehicle. “In the wrong hands your vehicle is a lethal weapon, and the criminal behavior that comes with such crimes will continue to escalate if they are able to gain easy access to your property.

Key Takeaways:

  • Look out for unfamiliar vehicles or people and most importantly, tell us. There won’t be any issue with officers attending a false call made in good faith.
  • In recent weeks acquisitive crimes have been reported across numerous locations across the North East, including in rural communities, towns and within Aberdeen.
  • I would urge you to take a couple of extra minutes before you leave your house to make sure all your doors and windows are locked, including any vehicles, and to put any additional security measures in place whether it be timed lights or setting alarms.

“Police Scotland is once again urging the public to lock up this weekend and not give thieves a chance as the force continues to tackle opportunistic crime in the area.”

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