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When it comes to survival, there’s something to thinking in three’s. Known as “Time-Lines”, these simple concepts can help you when disaster strikes. For example, there’s the notion of “3 Seconds to react”. If someone is charging at you with a knife, you have three seconds to react. There’s “3 Days Without Water”, which is the number of days you can go without drinking water before your body and brain shut down. There are numerous other examples of “Time-Lines”. By familiarizing yourself with what to do in a short window of time, you can buy yourself time until help arrives.

Key Takeaways:

  • The mind is a very “fast” thing and processes millions/billions of actions/thoughts per second, at the speed of light. Your heart rate, your breathing, 90% of your body actions happen without you really thinking about them. That leaves the rest of the brain to do the “thinking” stuff.
  • There lies the problem, the “rest” of the thinking. If not coherent, it can and will get you in deep trouble or dead.
  • Day-Dreaming or being distracted while driving for example can lead to wrecks very fast. If you are not watching/listening/smelling what is going on around you, the outcome can be bad to say the least.

“Note that alcoholic drinks are very bad for hydration, even beer, so use caution when you’re dehydrated and don’t drink those kinds of liquids.”

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