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Holiday times are especially high in incidents involving criminals taking advantage of unaware victims. Police recommend that citizens keep their valuables on them (including phones, electronics, and money), to stay alert of surroundings when using a cellphone, to stay in populated areas when possible, and to bring a friend or family member with you when doing transactions with strangers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Throughout the holiday season the Alexandria Police Department typically sees an increase in thefts and robberies.
  • Often shoppers and residents become distracted and vulnerable to holiday crimes. Shoppers have a tendency to carry more cash and store purchases in plain view in their vehicles.
  • Only carry the cash/cards you intend to use and, if leaving bags in your car, put them out of sight in the trunk.

“Shoppers have a tendency to carry more cash, valuable items they intend as gifts, and store purchases in plain view in their vehicles, which make them attractive targets.”

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