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Personal safety and stranger danger are two issues that are pressing for many people. Most strangers are not dangerous at all, but there are a few that can present a problem, so it is important to understand what stranger danger is and avoid getting into a troublesome situation with a bad stranger.

Key Takeaways:

  • I’ve been writing a weekly newspaper column since the spring of 1996, so I guess I have composed quite a few paragraphs over the years.
  • I credit my writing abilities to Sacred Heart School and the Amesbury Public School system, certainly learning quite a bit about the English language along the way.
  • I also benefit from the wealth of material I am able to pick from: crime prevention information, safety tips, community happenings and, of course, our beloved sports teams … watching those replays of Super Bowl 51 never get old.

“Strangers are “people you don’t know well” and although most strangers are not dangerous, there are dangerous strangers in every community.”

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