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Self-defense does not mean it has to be lethal or even dangerous to the other party. It just has to be conducive to the personal safety of yourself or your loved ones. If you can ensure that without nearly killing someone then you have a bonus. Let the police handle the attacker, just get yourself to safety.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fits easily in most purses, handbags, and pockets Lightweight Easy to hold on to and discreet Inexpensive Can take on plane when traveling Easy to use Can wear on hand and still use your hand to do tasks Has DNA and fiber collection capabilities on the tip
  • When worn by a large handed person, the tip barely sticks out and may be less effective It has only one contact area to use in defense (the tip)
  • This type of weapon can be considered a type of Kubotan weapon, and your training should include how to use it on pressure points also, which can be very effective and take little effort.

“Because most women are delicate and not very aggressive, and freeze or freak out if they get attacked, they need to have some defense training to be more confident in how to use this type or any type of weapon.”

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