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Mercer has released its annual Quality of Living Index. Unfortunately, areas rife with crime and those with a high threat of terrorism have taken a hit in their ranking. While many European cities are listed as the extremely safe, others such as London, Bucharest, Rome and Madrid, do not fare as well. Paris ranked 71st following a series of terrorist attacks last year, including one that involved multiple locations with both suicide bombers and gunmen. Many of these cities still have wide appeal for tourists, however, their measure of quality of life decreases when personal safety is at risk.

Key Takeaways:

  • The quality of life in any country significantly drops when personal safety is at risk.
  • It looked at data for the whole of 2015 so any recent terrorist attacks in Europe have not been accounted for.
  • Mercer says the personal-safety ranking is based on the cities’ “relationship with other countries, internal stability, crime, and law enforcement.”

“Western Europe’s biggest and most affluent cities are not leading the list for being the safest cities on earth but this is mainly due to a number of terrorist attacks and threats over the last year that have dragged them down the rankings.”

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