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This article is about the steps a parent can take to help keep their children safe from everyday dangers. It stresses that a kid must be aware of his or hers surrounding at all times, and not to trust strangers. It is an article from an African News site, but the knowledge is common sense and applies to parents everywhere.

Key Takeaways:

  • Advise children to avoid bushes, construction or empty areas, passages and parks where there aren’t a lot of people or adequate lighting.
  • Parents should also closely monitor their children’s Internet access and cellphones and educate them on sites to avoid and the danger of speaking to strangers.
  • Parents should have details of where their children are at all times and also have the contact details for their children’s friends’ parents.

“Police spokesman Capt Thabo Sibuyi says parents should encourage their children to be vigilant at all times.”

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