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Success to your 2017 New Years’ resolution can be simple to achieve. Resolutions should be attainable if you are to succeed. You only need to focus on one resolution at a time if you have more than one. You will be able to complete all resolutions by sticking with the easiest one first. Once you achieve the first one all others will be attainable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Common goals are to lose weight, exercise more, or improve a financial situation.
  • Less common are those resolutions that apply to personal safety or legal security.
  • A majority of Americans, more than sixty percent, make New Year’s resolutions. Fewer than ten percent of Americans keep them. In less than thirty days, most resolutions are broken

“Research shows that success is most often achieved when New Year’s resolutions are written down. Make your list, and review it periodically. Keep it short, include the most achievable goals, and celebrate safety in 2017”

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