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There’s no doubt that tasers can be effective non-lethal weapons. However, a taser’s effectiveness is not guaranteed. Tasers do not work on everyone, at which time, lethal force may be necessary. If an individual is determined to get through a taser, they usually can. Also, someone who is high on drugs may be able to get through a taser and still inflict harm on a police officer. In these circumstances, an officer has to make a quick judgment call as to whether or not to resort to another means of force to stop the individual.

Key Takeaways:

  • The police taser is an effective non-lethal weapon.
  • Tasers do not work on everyone, such as someone on heavy drugs, etc.
  • Sometimes it is necessary for police offers to use lethal force due to circumstances like those who are heavily medicated on drugs.

“The officer has to make a split second judgement call, and if the taser isn’t stopping the subject, he must use lethal force to protect himself and others.”

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