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Sadly, on average around 900 children die each year from drowning, many in their own family pools. A pool alarm is certainly no substitute for vigilance on the part of the parents and other care givers but it should absolutely be one of the tools used to protect children in the home. The sensor, once installed, cannot be deactivated. There is a sleep button that is activated when people are using the pool. When the sensor detects no movement in the pool for a certain period of time, it automatically reactivates itself.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Pool Protector Pool Alarm is simplicity itself. It has two components. The sensor unit rests on the side of the pool with part of it extending into the water.
  • The second component is the receiver, which is placed anywhere within 200 feet of the sensor, such as perhaps the kitchen or living room of the home.
  • When the sensor activates, the receiver emits a 100dB alarm, easily loud enough to get the attention of everyone in the home.

“In ground pools in particular can pose a serious hazard for those walking near them.”

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