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Human predators target joggers that look like victims. To prevent putting yourself in an unsafe situation, always run with a buddy and in well-lit areas. Leave your headphones at home so that you can hear someone approaching from behind. Inform a loved one of your route and when you will return home. Carry your cell phone and perhaps some pepper spray. Do not wear a hoodie because it detracts from your peripheral vision. Keep the details of your location off of social media. Follow a well-planned strategy, then lace-up and enjoy your runs safely.

Key Takeaways:

  • Think back to the documentary on television where the lioness is hunting. She stalks a herd of deer as they approach a water hole.
  • She waits in the same place because she knows that the deer, being highly predictable, will come by at the same time every day. They must do so to drink.
  • As she moves in, she stays well hidden and singles out her target; usually the very young or very old, the sick member of the herd or the animal least aware of its surroundings! They are easy or “soft targets”.

“Always know where your “safe havens” are located.”

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