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Bears and the Outdoors: So you are getting ready to take a hiking trip or even a camping trip to the great outdoors, but you have the concern of running into bears on this trip. What are somethings that you can do to prepare yourself for that worst case scenario the “Bear Encounter”. Some basic understanding is that making noise, also if your going to be camping its very important to lock the food up, Yogi the bear likes his food, you can also find out more in the article.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to a spokesman for the Colorado Division of Wildlife, bear spray is only as effective as its user is wise.
  • If you see the beast coming toward you, fire off a short blast so that the bear has to walk through the cloud of pepper gas.
  • Yelling, stomping your feet, blowing your whistle and banging things together are all ways to use sound to discourage the bear from continuing.

“Bear sprays are specially formulated for bears and have a higher capsaicinoid concentration.”

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