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Driveway Patrol is a great at-home self-defense product that is low-cost and simple to install. Place the transmitter near an entrance or driveway. When a person passes by the wireless motion detector, an appealing chime sounds from the receiver, which alerts the home’s residents to a visitor in the vicinity. This heads-up allows for time to take a quick look, and if necessary, call 911. Driveway Patrol also doubles as a child monitor, informing parents if a child has wandered. At a price of under $30, Driveway Patrol is affordable enough to purchase an additional unit for an additional entrance.

Key Takeaways:

  • When something passes by the transmitter, the receiver sounds an appealing chime. Not only can it alert residents of the home about a visitor headed their way, it can serve as a child monitor.
  • The maximum range between the indoor receiver and outdoor transmitter is 400 feet. The sensor on the outdoor transmitter picks up a car or person coming within 20 feet.
  • Consumers may want to purchase a second unit for the back door, especially if the home borders on a wooded area.

“At a cost of under $30 and requiring only one nine-volt and three C batteries, self defense products like this are budget-friendly.”

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