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Your trail camera can end up saving your life when doomsday comes. When disaster strikes, people will be grabbing all of the resources that they can. They will go to Wal mart and get everything there. Food will be scarce. The only people that will not deal with this struggle are the people that are prepared.

Key Takeaways:

  • You may have already packed your essentials from listening to other guides on the internet or in print, but one thing these sources fail to list is a trail camera.
  • These cameras help you to predict when and where to catch the big game. This reduces the time you need to be outdoors and can help out hunt your less-prepared neighbors.
  • A trail camera can double as a security camera and you can watch the people that come through your area and see how society is holding up.

“A trail camera can double as a security camera to watch over your house or shelter.”

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