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We often see stories of unsafe college campuses. There are often security issues that make it easier to commit crimes and harder to be caught. This tells about how a college is trying to fix things. Other colleges could do the same so this is definitely worth looking at. Safety is an important issue for everyone.

Key Takeaways:

  • City College held a campus safety open forum on Nov. 30 to discuss safety concerns within the campus community, including whether or not campus police should be equipped with firearms.
  • The open forum took place to shed light on the City College Public Safety Management Study, an assessment that will analyze current public safety infrastructure to measure if it is equipped and prepared to handle any safety issues the college may face, as described by campus police.
  • Healy took an opportunity early in the forum to discuss and explain the 911 Shield safety application that the college implemented.

“Students close to one faculty member have expressed that they feel safer with police being unarmed.”

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