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Family Time and School Vacation time: It is very important to have plans in place for any vacation or outing that you may take as a family, both for older and younger kids. Your plans should include some of these great ideas listed below to help you prevent any harm or danger. It is also very important that you sit down with your kids and go over these plans before they are needed so everyone knows what’s going on.

Key Takeaways:

  • Visiting a busy venue during school holidays can be a fraught time for parents, with the worry that kids will wander off or become separated from their families.
  • To create the temporary tattoo on your child’s arm, take a skin-safe fine-point marker pen and write “if lost, call” followed by your mobile number.
  • Avoid personalised items with your child’s name and have a family code word. Give your child permission to hit, scream and make a scene, if someone is compromising their safety.

“If a stranger knows your child’s name it could make your child more likely to trust them and believe their cover story.”

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