Modern pepper spray is made from peppers, the active indigent being oleosesin capsicum. Pepper spray comes in variety of forms, including foam, spray, and stream dispersal. A stream-dispersal delivery system is preferable because isn’t as affects by the wind and foam can have a limited affect against people familiar with it. It is a smart decision to take a training course on how to use pepper spray so that you can be effective in defending yourself and your family this holiday season.

Key Takeaways:

  • it can also drastically redirect the spray toward bystanders, thereby affecting them more than the subject.
  • In my experience, the spray can disperse quickly in the wind and the foam can have limited affect against experienced offenders.
  • For your own protection, learn to use it in training before you have to use it for the first time in a violent confrontation.

“OC spray is designed to temporarily incapacitate a subject by immediately inflaming the sinus tissue and irritating the eyes.”

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