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People want this stun gun ban to be stopped=d now. They want their right to have stun guns back. Many use them for protection and peace of mind. It’s important to remember that they do less damage than a regular gun. They still protect while not killing or hurting anyone too badly.

Key Takeaways:

  • If Woodlock orders that Massachusetts authorities are temporarily banned from enforcing the law, it would be a sign that he sees merit in the case.
  • The lawsuit was filed on the heels of a U.S. Supreme Court decision last March that showed the law was vulnerable.
  • The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Boston, argues that the stun gun and Taser law is unconstitutional and should be wiped from the books.

“Three Bay State residents today asked a federal judge to prevent the state from enforcing its stun gun and Taser ban, arguing that their constitutional rights continue to be violated every day the statute remains on the books.”

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