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Parents worried about their children’s safety while at school might not just be over-protective. While the number of school-related deaths are starting to decrease, incidents of theft and violence – including student violence against teachers – are on the rise in America’s schools, according to a federal report released Tuesday. And schools are beefing up security, including video cameras and armed security guards, as a result.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s back to school time — which means unsuspecting parents across the country will be out spending large sums of money on clothes and supplies for their children.
  • However, data shows that August and December are peak crime months for petty thieves and robbers lurking in the malls and parking lots.
  • Read on for nine essential tips to stay safe.

“Statistics show that August and December are peak crime months for these predators and contrary to popular belief, they are very smart.”

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