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There are a few gadgets that could make your home safer. The first of these is a LCD peephole. LCD peepholes viewers fit over existing peepholes. The second is an LED T.V. simulator which flickers and changes color. The third is a wireless leak alarm that lets you know if a sump pump or water heater is experiencing a leak. The fourth is a “talking” fire alarm that has a prerecorded message of a parent’s voice on it. Fifth, installing a pressure sensor in the dryer vent exhaust can let you know when lint has built up.

Key Takeaways:

  • five new technologically advanced safety items to consider buying for your home
  • more children wake up to the sound of their parent’s voice than an alarm, record a message on this smoke detector and “talk” your children to safety
  • this LED TV simulator unit gives the appearance that the television is on and that somebody is at home-even when you’re not

“”safety devices that make it easier to get some peace of mind””

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