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The topic of the article is self defense. The article outlines four scenarios in which self defense may need to be used. Each article takes you through how you could and did react using the knowledge you have of self defense. Initially you don’t know what to do and are injured. Second, you then take a seminar and know what to do but can’t carry anything out and are injured. Third, you take a training course and know how to defend yourself and you do so injuring your attacker. Fourth, you use the “deter” technique which allows you to avoid the dangerous situation which is preferred over the third outcome.

Key Takeaways:

  • You are waiting for a friend outside a local convenience store. Suddenly you notice large man walking rapidly toward you.
  • Unfamiliar with the effects of adrenaline and uncertain what to do, you do nothing. The man steps right up to you.
  • After pocketing your wallet the man departs. But not before he gives a final vicious squeeze that permanently damages your vocal cords.

“Once your conscious mind had been convinced of the danger, your mind began the transition to subconscious mindset.”

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