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There are ten life saving gadgets on the market that people should know about and coming in at number 1 is the Siren Ring. Being able to alert an emergency on the move is a very important thing. A person just needs to wear the ring out and if something bad happens, they can alert their emergency with the ring. The alarm is able to be heard 50 feet away.

Key Takeaways:

  • A New York-based company, SIREN, has changed the idea of personal safety by integrating a powerful and smart technology into a fashion accessory.
  • With no chemicals, no batteries, no electrical power and no moving parts, the LifeStraw is an appliance that no adventurer can go without.
  • Carrying an external battery is not always comfortable given the size and the space it takes in our pockets or purses. However, the Maze Exclusive Wristband power bank Battery Charger curbs this pain point.

“From a handy defibrillator that helps during a sudden cardiac arrest to an all in all multipurpose tool, Wingman, here are some examples of innovative, life-saving tech gadgets that can add to your important day.”

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