Subway Worker Remains Totally Chill, Tells Robber To ‘Get A Job’

An attempted robbery took place in a Subway sandwich store. The robber told the cashier to open the register and give him all the money. The cashier then told the robber to, “get a job.” The robber was so stunned at the cashier’s defiance, that he only stole the money from the tip jar. The […]

4 Mistakes Preppers Make Early On

There are 4 common mistakes that preppers make very early on. It’;s very important to focus on the essentials, like food and water. It’s important not to get too much at once. Just stick to what you need. Then. you need to develop a plan based on what you have. The main goal is to […]

Home safety program focuses on rural – Airdrie City View

There is a new home safety program that is focusing on rural areas. During the entire month of April, firefighters will be spreading the word of safety to people. This program will be carried out by the firefighters and it will raise awareness about safety. There will even be a home inspection offered. Home safety […]